Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spike Bowtie

May day, May day, May day! I really miss a holiday. So jealous with my Abah (father in Arabian leangue), He is on Europe Trip for a month till June. Yesterday, He sent me a message "Hey my son, How are you? Abah is in Berlin now, going back to Amsterdam by night, and will be in Italy tomorrow. What do you want from here? Kisses & hugs for everyone at home." Actually, I want to reply his message by saying "Hey Abah! If only you know what I really want is ...... I WANNA BE THERE FOR HAVING A HOLIDAY WITH YOU! And leave everything in here! Like seriously, huh!"

Oh by the way, please scroll up to the photo above the text. What you see is a spike bowtie, right? Don't ask me where to find a spike bowtie like mine! Because, the bowtie was made by myself last few month and now I have a chance to wear it. SO HAPPY!!! I'd like make a Do It Yourself (DIY) things when I have a free time & also the ideas. My fetish is spike / studs things :D If there is a spike ice cone, I would love to lick it with my pleasure. Lol ~ Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Black Beanie - TOPMAN
White Shirt - TOPMAN
Spike Bowtie - DIY
Burgundy Jumper - Dophard Genuine
Black Skinny Jeans -  D'LUCA
Bag - POLO 
Skull Ring - Unbranded
Studded Bracelet - M.Phosis
Shoes - Black Master

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. Aku juga mau ikut abah :"((
    Kerennnn Fahad! Preppy chic <3

  2. Your Abah living the teenage dreams like literally! Cool casual prep look btw it really suits you

  3. Cool DIY spike bowie (´⌣`ʃƪ)
    Awesomely amazing

    x, Rizuna

  4. wedeeehhh hype kak, suka spike bowtienya, and of course your style. like i guess from the first time when i saw you, you are an arabic, right?

  5. it feels like a long pause here enjoy beautiful photos and there are things that cause a sense of its own to be here. I do not just shut up and go and open the page again
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    just about me and you


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