Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fossil X Opening Ceremony

Last week I had invited to the presentation of Fossil X Opening Ceremony spring 2016 collection. I'm sure I won't miss this one since I received the invitation. I came earlier and actually the first one who arrived among the others. Yeah because I wanna be the first one who see this collections. These collection is so innovative! As you seen in the picture there's a black & white handbag, it can be flip into all black bag. How cool is that! Also same for the small bag in burgundy & dark green, it can be flip into two shades of color. For the men's bag, you might see that black and orange bag. You might think that so basic bag, but if you see the presentation you would be shocked as I am because that bad can be transformed into a backpack! MAJOR COOL! Fossil  X Opening Ceremony offers you some accessories like watches, wallet and bag charm / key chain in furry.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Faux Situation

It's day 1 in chapter 2 of 366 pages this year. Have you ever bored with double denim as your outfit? Why don't you try double faux leather? I do love how the faux leather suit works so well on me. I added gold accessories (belt & bangles) and sneakers to make it more fabulous. For bag I choose black box with studded, I can wear it as sling bag or clutch bag. So, it's depends on me! Great combination will always give you a statement. Then I put my B&W stripped sunglasses ON from Polette Eyewear. Last but not least my basic question "how was January treat you?" I hope all is well.