Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beach is calling

We need 6 months of holiday twice a year! Good idea, right? We want to travel around the world and explore it from Asia to America. Even if I could explore another planet, then I would do it. In some occasions I just want to travel to somewhere without bring a heavy baggage, just gonna bring my backpack and bring enough stuff! So this is it my mono travelling in style for a short getaway.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Everyday you wake up in the morning from your tight sleep, you always have a chance to be the new you EVERYDAY! Your eyes will always see a different things everyday, your step foot will guide you from one place to another. Lately I realize that frequency of my blogging has decreased because my packed schedules. Almost can't manage all my social media accounts at the same time and more over this blog! But don't worry, I promise to stay here and update this blog as long as I can. If you guys miss me, you can follow my daily fashion & style updates on my instagram @Fahadscale and to find another side of my crazy, silly yet fun daily update please add me on snapchat: Fahadscale :D

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Adidas X Pharrell Williams Superstar Supercolor just launched in the middle of March, which is last month. People are jaw dropping to have the amazing supercolor shoes at the moment. Between the collaboration, Adidas & Pharrell gives us options 50 colors, 50 choices. You have the right to choose what color that match with your personal style. Not only that, Pharrell's designed an art sole in the shoes. While everyone is getting confused to choose what color should they buy, I'm lucky enough to received a happiness box of these cool shoes for free from Adidas Indonesia & Plaza Indonesia. They sent me a pair of green superstar as my request when Plaza Indonesia contacted me.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

REVIEW OUTFIT: Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Cheers for the freaking weekend everybody! How was your April Fools day gone? Back again to review my whole outfit that I wore to Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. From the famous shades of grey, to rainbow colors, greeny army and all black errtthhaaanng! You might have seen to my covered / featured pages on the street style website. At this moment, I made all my outfit appeared on street style pages from the four days of IFW2015. YEAY YEAY YEAY! As I told you before, this year theme is LAYERING, I gave you so many options trick about layering. So now is your turn to let me know which outfit is your favorite?