Saturday, September 7, 2013

Marvin The Martian

Say "HELLO!" to my new hair, this is how my hair actually looks like now I came to the salon last week to cut the right side of my hair. Say "HELLO!" to the new semester, The 7th semester of my college life just began. Say "HELLO!" to my new internship job too. I was so stressed all day by waiting an email reply from a company that I sent email(s) for internship opportunities. If it's not my college things to do an internship, I wouldn't be so stress like this. 7th semester is a triple combo: internship, evening class & thesis. Oh God, may I go back to the 1st semester please?

Tartan Blazer - Thrift Store
Marvin Tshirt - Illuminati
Denim Pants - Thrift Store
Leather Belt - Unbranded
Earing - Topshop
Neon Spike Bracelet - Bangkok
Leather Bracelet - Malaysia
Black Boots - Dr. Martens
Green Pin - Marc by Marc Jacobs

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. I like your tartan blazer, Fahad!!
    Good luck for your studies xx

  2. kak FAHAAAD! lama banget ga ketemu, makin kece aja. i love ur new hairstyle too! ahwsooome outfit as usual, loving the blazer and pants. u defo got loads of swag xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Too much too handle! absolute perfection!

  4. amazing, good blazer. and your hair is super fabulous.
    hey we're on the same stage, yes 7th semester is going to be hard, I even haven't sent any email yet to propose the company, to lazy too manage my internship.

    good luck for you!

    Regards, Andudei Hardyanta,

  5. such an amazing outfit! love how you just all go out there, not caring what other people say and wear what you wanna! you look awesome!
    greetings from Zurich,
    Rachel and Nina

  6. Dope look! Love the blazer with this!!

    Dave and Erica

  7. cool!

    find some good stuff here:


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