Monday, December 15, 2014

Classic Suit & Tie

Back in time to the day when I was so freaking happy inside outside because I nailed the presentation for my final project defense and I GOT AN EXCELLENT SCORE!!! All the pain that I had struggled was worth! I'm done with my college life and soon to be a bachelor degree in communication. I took Public Relations as my concentration. If you think studying in communication is easy, YOU DEFINITELY MUST TRY IT and tell me later how do you feel!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review Outfit: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Hello guys! How you feeling today? I hope you guys had a great day and wishing you all an awesome weekend of course! You might have seen my previous posts all about Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 outfit. Here is the review of my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. Which outfit is your favorite?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Army Punk Rock

How I realized that I really love on making an extravagant look! I love challenge and I love challenging myself! I must say wearing a big skirt in public is a challenge & that's not even easy! I FEEL YOU GIRLS! And yup, wearing skirt in public is so strange. Wrapped in my very first design army bikers suit combined with FIERCE SPIKE THING and maxi tutu skirt as tail skirt. Another thing is people pointed at me like they are seeing another species from another planet. I dress in a different way than any other men in general. I really don't care about what anyone thinks of me. I am who I am, I do what I want & I don't live to please you. I'm proud of being me!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Am Not a Fashion Police

Every day is a new beginning. Every day is a good day. Every day is a perfect day to start something new and explore what you really want. I'm switching every day to explore my creativity on styling myself and to try something that I never done before. Remember the Y.O.L.O tagline! Actually the black top under my H&M structured blazer is just a turtleneck top, which is usually covered my neck. My experiment that day, I didn't roll down the neck part like I used to be instead of let it up and worn as half  face mask, because I definitely don't plan to  talk to everyone. So, mouth closed for a day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7 on

What can I say about this amazing shoot by Kaymori? He captured the best detail on the street of my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7, which is the last closing day of JFW. I feel so honored to be featured (again) on "STREET STYLE" page on day 7. I attended five days from the seven days of fashion week and get featured fourth times in a week with 5 photos on from close up, detail outfit and full body. IT'S MAJOR!!! There's no words to describe my feeling right now! Are you curious with my whole outfit on that day? Stay on the blog, cause I will update soon!