Tuesday, April 11, 2017


You all must know already that Levi’s is a brand represents American style and stylish fashion. Ever since founded by Levi Strauss & CO in 1873, Levi’s jeans has been the most famous and imitated through out the world – symbolized the imagination and dedication of its user from generation to generation. Now, Levi’s brand has continued its evolution through the passion and inovation that is unbeatable in retail world. Variety kind of jeans type and accesories are available in more than 110 countries, inviting everybody all over the world to express their personal style.

What comes in the first place when people say "Levi's"? Ofcourse Denim! Isn't it? Bringing back the era of 1960s for the younger generation keen revisit the vibe of the decade, Levi’s® has reintroduced the Orange Tab with its Spring’17 collection.   The Orange Tab symbolized style and youth during the counterculture of the 1960s. Since then, old- school Orange Tabs have become the ultimate score for vintage collectors and denim lovers alike.The Levi’s® Orange Tab Spring 2017 collection has remastered some of the Orange Tab favourites, capturing the unrivalled style of the coveted originals.

Your Favourite Levi's Orange Tab Spring 2017; remastered for denim lovers, both old and new, the updated uniform for those who embrace a youthful, free spirit. “Adding excitement to the Levi’s® experience and to provide Levi’s® consumers with an opportunity to remaster their own favourite Levi’s®, we are bringing the globally popular Tailor Shop to Jakarta. Well guys, here I want to share my experience and show you the result of my "denim" when I came to The Levi's Tailor Shop. I made my personalized denim jacket and pants. I choose to mix some patches and name on it!

I hope Levi's will bring this cool event again next year so I can make another customize denim :D


Denim Jacket - LEVI'S
Bikers Pants - ZARA
Shoes - ZARA



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