Monday, April 28, 2014

FASHION HEAVEN: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Last saturday, I woke up in the morning to catch up with the train. My plan is going to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, I'm gonna spend my whole day in here. You know, my hometown isn't Jakarta, I need to go to (central) Jakarta by the train more or less 1 hour. It's quite a long journey, I couldn't be more happier to know Grand Indonesia located near from train station I stopped. I can reach the mall by walking, take the bus or easily by taxi.

Grand Indonesia Shopping town has been known as one of the biggest mall with lots of fashion choices with over 500 fashion, accessories, beauty & lifestyle tenant inside the mall. Everything we need we can find it here, from fashion, food, household, bookstore whatever it is they have a so many options. How I love this one stop shopping place :)

As you seen in my photos, I'm holding many shopping bag from different stores that I used to hate carrying them all. Totally forgot to bring big shopping bag, caused I don't even make a plan to do shopping like this. Don't try to guess where I did shopping, I will let you guys know for sure. These are the TOP list of my favorite fashion store at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town:

The collection is affordable for student like us and have a wide collection. The most important is their collection very trendy and fashionable. You'll be look young, fun and energetic wearing the collection from FOREVER 21.

Everyone's new favorite store finally opened in here. H&M having the full range collection in the latest industry. H&M in Grand Indonesia is the biggest store of the two others. I can't get enough to shop shop and shop if I visit H&M.

Huge UK brand exclusively selling fancy British stylish men's clothing. You can enjoying discount and sale of the season. TOPMAN selling high quality clothes design. COOL, DANDY, SWAG, whoever you are! TOPMAN bring you to the level of stylish men.
Old time favorite people to shop from business attire to casual and chic all in store, and of course not to mention if you have kids, you may get matching clothes with your lovely kids when shopping right here. I do love ZARA for their clean and classy collection. the other stores are Pull & Bear, MANGO, COTTON ON, SEIBU, Alun-Alun, etc.

Coffee Bar
After a tiring shopping day you can easily give a break to your legs and unwind at the coziest place inside the shopping centre. DJOURNAL Coffee Bar has so many variety of soothing drinks and delicious snacks for relax. Great atmosphere, great place, great view. Awesome right?

Do you wanna see city view? Bored with the daily dessert you eat? Want an ice cream? I mean, super duper yummy ice cream? Go get your ass here, sit in the indoor or outdoor you can see the city view while eating your ice cream. You might get confused at the first time by the menu, but seriously you must try the unusual ice cream here :D totally recomended!

Ahaaa, who said after shopping done and full tummy you must go home? A big NO darling! It's time to watch the latest film in town at BLITZMEGAPLEX

You see that I shop a lot, I eat a lot, I drink a lot! My wallet was crying, however I will never get bored to spend my day at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Definitely, I would come back for shopping or just chill out with my friends. Heaven on earth does really exist, for you guys who love shopping and eating, this place is truly heaven! Fashion heaven & food heaven :D
Anyway, to know more update promo, event and discount just simply follow Grand Indonesia on twitter or on instagram @grandindo

Hat - H&M
Vest - FOREVER21
Oversize Tee - TOPMAN
Sunglasses - FOREVER21
Jeans - TOPMAN
Studded bag - ZARA
Boots - Dr. Martens



  1. my favorites stops are forever21, stradivarius, and magnum cafe~~~

  2. Cool pictures and nice writing, Fahad!! I miss youuu


  3. Super cool look
    very nice pics too
    great job

  4. SHOPPING BANGET MAAAK :O :O anyway luv ur bag fahad!!!


  5. Djournal and forever 21 are my favorite >.<


  6. enaknyaaa yaaaa! hahaha i love Forever 21 and HnM <3
    suka spatu sama tasnya <3

    Ruby and Rosa

  7. top shop! thats my store , i love it.
    Isee you had fun in the mall...nice pictures

    ps: New post on my blog, check it out! ;-)
    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog

  8. nice review! and black never goes wrong :D

  9. Because who nees colors in spring? Love it

  10. amazing outfit! adore your bag :D

  11. love your bag!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)

  12. You look great! Want your bag badly!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  13. Killing it as always! You look great!

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  14. Great outfit as always! Love the black vest.
    I love shopping at Zara & H&M! x

  15. I love that vest! This whole outfits looks so good!


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