Sunday, August 24, 2014

Street Style Competition

Today I have bunch plans of doing nothing all day in my bed. Such a lazy Sunday! Time to relax and break the legs :D Spent my whole Saturday night yesterday at my room watching Lady Gaga's concert on YouTube from ArtRave Ball back to The Monster Ball until I fell asleep and forgot to click publish on this post. I'm too enjoyed with the concert! Lady Gaga is my inspiration in fashion, beside her sense of fashion & awesome style I also got influence by street style people around the world. Everytime I see street style page on STYLE.COM, Facehunter, The Sartorialist, Carolines Mode, Monsieur Jerome, Le 21eme and any other website, I admired how creative they are on mixing their clothes between the branded & unbranded becoming an extraordinary style formula. Not to mention, their self confidence on creating an individual style on the street incredibly AMAZING!!! Seems like I need to learn and join self confidence course with them :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Polette Eyewear

Introducing you all to a super stylish Nagoya sunnies (name of the sunglasses) which I wore in this post. Eyewear brand called Polette sent me the sunglasses all the way from French. Polette released in 2012 for France and Europe market and now they are shipping world wide. Cool, isn't? They design prescription and non-prescription glasses as a new essential accessory to shine through daily outfit. Polette offers highly-competitive price with no compromise on quality. Go go go check their collection on to match your style. Polette sells sober to eccentric eyewear designs, always with fancy style. Oh, do you have your own design? Tell them, send them the design, and they will make it for you. Polette is an online revolution that will change the way you shop your glasses!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Prince Voodoo

Please give a warm hug to welcoming the brand new of me :) This is my first outfit post after my last post on my birthday slash Eid Fitri edition. I usually change my look every year on my birthday just to celebrate my half soul and to reborn the new me. Last year I introduced you to my alter ego King Fahad, the extravagant guy from another planet. This year, I will introduce you to Prince Voodoo Fahad, the statement and bold guy with brand new turquoise ombre hair. I know you all might be surprise to see my medium hair back even the color changed into turquoise. It's not hair extension please! The fact is I don't cut my hair off in my previous post. I only tied it up & showed my front part hair like a short hair cut preppy guy or I'm hiding my hair under hat / kopiah. I heard you guys already love my short hair cut, don't you? I do love that too. Maybe someday I will have that hair cut but not now.