Monday, June 17, 2013

Afternoon to Evening

I'm letting the beard grows to reinforce the middle east face that I have. Do I look OK with that beard? My parents are Arabian from Yaman. Because my skin is not white, some people think if I'm an Indian x_x (You are not the first one, If you think that too). Uh, Poor me! I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT FUCKING STATEMENT! Why most people can't distinguish between Arabians and Indians? Here I just want to clarifying about my Arabian blood. I AM ARABIAN INDIAN BOY! However, being an Arabian doesn't mean I just can wear muslim wear, gamis, robe and peci / kopiah. Correct?

Snap Back -New Era
Neon Necklace - M.I.K.A (Ambasador Mall)
Green Army Jacket - Indicator
Denim Buttons Down - M2 (METRO)
Black Skinny Jeans - D'LUCA
Boots - Dr. Martens

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. I appreciate your organility

  2. cool!

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  3. cool look <3
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  4. You look great)
    And I love your cap <3

  5. cool outfit! love love love your shoes so much and thank you for voting :)

  6. you look good with that beard...

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  7. cool outfit, loving the stussy hat! x

  8. i like your style! looks comfy as well..
    do you want follow each others?let me know..



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