Monday, June 3, 2013

Red (HAT) Chili Peppers

I have an incredible feeling at this time. How amazing the supports I got from all people around me. Sometimes you guys forget to thankful for everything what you have now and wishing for what you don't have. That's great if you always thankful every single time, if you didn't do that at all? I suggest you to get down your knees, rise your hands, head down, then PRAY! Regret comes late, regretting the past makes you regret the present! Be thankful for what you have now, before it became what you had.

Red Baseball Cap - Unbranded
Plaid Button Down Shirt - 
Black Skinny Jeans - D'LUCA
Faux Leather Bag - Unbranded
Boots - Dr.Martens 12 Holes

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. The boots and the back ♥

  2. I love the backpack!
    check out my latest post:

  3. I couldn't agree more with you! We spend our lives pursuing things we don't have, but when we lost something or who we have neglected, we regret a lot! Thanks for this reflection! Loved the name of your post! The red color amazing! Outfit and photos... wow

  4. You look great!
    Love your laid back style.
    Great post :)

  5. dope cap! anyway check out my new post thanks beforeee xx


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