Saturday, June 28, 2014

Too Cool For School

Last week I made a little surprise birthday party for my best "silly" high school friend. Then we went out for lunch and had afternoon drink. On the table we talked a lot about our wonderful moment in high school. Lots of laugh in the middle of our conversation. Duuuuh, that moment makes me miss my high school life so freaking bad. If only I had a whenever 'magic' door like doraemon, I would love to visit my life as a teenagers when I'm wearing white and grey school uniform. I remember those days I was hoping to move my fucking ass to University. Then now, I wish I could go back to school!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mr Rebel x ZALORA

I couldn't be more happier to have a blog-mate from the same city I live in. I was looking for that since I'm into blogging. My blog-mate from blog-sphere is Chrisnawati Novia Sari from Chris+novia, and we both are living in the same city (Bogor) and we are actually a 2 / 3km neighbors LOL ~ anyway, we had a great weekend to chit chat and took each other photos for our new post. After a loooooooonngg long long time & re-scheduled few time we finally decided to set a blog-date on the weekend. Our free time is only on the weekend, because we are working on the weekdays. Huffff, so many things to do, so little time! Maybe, we even can only go to mall for shopping once a month or not at all. SAD SAD SAD! So many shopping store out there, but so little time to shop. I'm grateful about  digital world support us to do online shop wherever, whenever, anytime, anywhere. Yes online shopping is the best answer and it's really really helpful for a super duper busy person like us to satisfy our shopping libido. We are able to choose the apparels thru our phone, tablet, laptop or PC screen. Well, for those who got headache in finding an trusted online shop, I'm highly recommend you a huge online shopping ZALORA.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The most awaited season finally arrived, summer vibe is all around guys. So mostly people wears colorful clothes in this season, meanwhile not for me! I'm deeply in the mood for black & white these day without adding any other pop color. I actually almost never wore only black & white color for my entire look. Then why not trying to wear the both timeless color together? Black & white is absolutely the easiest color to combine. Correct?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

1st Anniversary UNIQLO - Jakarta

June 4th, Japan retail brand UNIQLO just celebrated its first anniversary in Jakarta. The first anniversary party took a place at The Foundry 8, SCBD. I met bunch of fashionista, blogger friends, and not to mention my old friends. The super model Kimmy Jayanti & Dimas Beck hosted the event, also DJ Elly Rose from Japan was spinning all night to embrace the atmosphere. Well, Happy 1st Anniversary UNIQLO!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Double not Trouble

Hello my gorgeous readers! It's been a long time I didn't greet and say 'hello' to you all. By the way, Welcome to the new chapter of your 2014 life story, today you have entered page 152 or first page in chapter 6th. How's your life story so far? Happy? Sad? Confuse? Great or not? No matter how big your problem is, tell your problem that your God is bigger even the BIGGEST of all than the problem. You are blessed just the way you are.