Monday, November 28, 2016

Fierce Army

I never Imagine myself turn to be an army, but I love "army thingy" from the color to the patterns. There's something cool about it and upgrade your style to the next level, even  in the smallest touch! Beside army thingy, I adore spikes / studs that can make my look fierce. When army and spikes together, that's the perfect combo to match with black color ;) Oh guys, december is coming in a few day! 2017 is come closer x_x

Monday, November 21, 2016

Velvet Game Strong : Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

An hour to my bed time, not even an hour tho. But before I fly to my dreamland, I would like to share my postponed outfit post while ago when I attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Velvet game strong as my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. The current trend I saw people wearing velvet. Here I am in black velvet jumpsuit from H&M Studio and my love spiky kicks are kicking out Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. So happy to be back on black! CIAO! until my next post <3