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Hello hello hello! How you doing? Hope you are doing well. Let me introduce myself, my name is King Fahad Scale. People usually call me King or Fahad (which one do you prefer to call me?). My hometown in Bogor and my currently town is Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though living in Indonesia, my blood is Arabian (NO I AM NOT INDIA / HINDI).


I'm a communication student, majoring in Public Relations. I've joined LSPR Modeling Club in my university to learn more about modelling and fashion as well. I was a member of LSPR Modelling Club in the 1st year (2010 - 2011), treasurer in the 2nd years (2011 - 2012), and becoming a President of LSPR Modelling Club in the 3rd years (2012 - 2013). Beside that, I also being the creative director of LSPR Modelling Club. Now I can do modelling, styling as a fashion stylist, and little bit make up as a make up artist. I learn a lot about modelling and fashion from LSPR Modelling Club. Moreover, I'm passionate in fashion I start being a freelance fashion stylist, fashion writer & fashion editor.

Talking about style, I'm a street style lovers and my style is experimental mostly inspired by street style people all around the world. I do love try something new and different than others. I don't know exactly, since when (since I was really young perhaps) I have a crush in fashion and love to express what I feel and speak through the clothes. I dress up from edgy to quirky. oh NO! I'm not gonna impress anyone with what I'm wearing. So then, everything depends on my mood.

I really really really reeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy love Lady Gaga. Are you a little monster too? *PAWS UP* I have a huge dream to meet her (yeah, you can call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one). She's my inspiration in fashion. This blog is my adventure in fashion world. I share what I love, and love what I share.

For any requirement, kindly contact me Fahad.scale@yahoo.com



  1. sumpah kece banget with the camo print! always fab!!!

    Visit mine:

  2. I like the outfit in the GIF. And the outfit with the blue colbert is AWESOME! Nice collection you have. A lot of talent :) Keep it up, maybe you one day will meet Lady Gaga. I have to go back to work but I really like your blog :) So I think I'm gonna look around for a few more minutes...


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