Thursday, May 15, 2014

Denim Fever

Word can't describe how happy I am when receive an email from Grand Indonesia. Still remember "Fashion Heaven" in my previous post? The story behind the post is I had joined a blog writing competition which held by Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, the result is............ I WON as 2nd runner up Fashion Heaven Blog Writing Contest. The prize is H&M Shopping Voucher worth Rp 2.500.000,- and an extra special give from Grand Indonesia. WOHOOOOO!!! I'm ready for another shopping spree at H&M. I think I want buy a new denim there & pair of shoes. Speaking of denim, can you count how many denim apparel in your wardrobe? Pants, shirt, short, vest, jacket, skirt, even dungaree. Well, I don't really care actually how many denim outfit that fulfill your wardrobe. LOL ~ However, surely you can never be satisfied with only having one denim. Right?

Every single of you probably have "problem" nothing to wear, so do I. That kind of problem could visit everyone without an excuse in a hurry situation. DAMN DAMN DAMN! Take a deep breathe and don't be panic. Chillax dude! Because the problem can be solved. Calm down and think before wearing! Take your denim to avoid wasting time too much in front of your wardrobe. Denim is always there for you, I repeat ALWAYS! Bored with shirt and pants mix? Go grab your dungaree. Bored with double denim because it's too mainstream? Why don't you wear triple denim? Act single, drink double, and wear triple. Don't forget to adding some colorful accessories to make it look more alive. AWESOME! Isn't it?

 Red Snapback - Unbranded
Dungaree - Thrift Store
Denim Shirt - M2 (Metro Dept. Store)
Denim Outer - Thrift Store
Neon Spike Bracelets - Bangkok
Purple Socks - Unbranded
Brown Loafers - Vintage



  1. It's retro and its stylish!! great outfit post

    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog
    Ps: New outfit post online. Check it out ;-)

  2. aduh kamu makin ganteng! love your layering technique here! patut di contoh!
    congratulation babe you deserve it totally!

  3. kak suka bgd sama layernya! :D


  4. I am so loving this! Enjoy the day! :)

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Fashion Blog

  5. Thrift dungaree OMG cooool look!!!
    Fahad.. i miss college life :(


  6. Congrats on 2nd runner up! Also, I love the overalls... I've been trying to find a pair for myself!

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  7. love ur putfit dear <3

  8. love the combinationnn><


  9. love the way you mixed those denims fahaad >.<

  10. totally rad, triple denim! love how cool this outfit is.

  11. Triple denim? Why not! I loveee this look so much!!!!!

  12. Congrats for the win!!
    You always look cute with the overall jumpsuit and colorfull accessories, love it!
    I know this location, campus A right? LOL xp


  13. love denim and love how you combine it!!

  14. memang lelaki satu ini tidak pernah gagal bereksperimen dengan apapun ya!!!!!!!!! definetely love xx


  15. Agree with you! denim is just the same as basic item in my wardrobe.
    I always grab denim pants or shorts everytime i go to my campus or to the mall if i don't have a lot of time to think "oh, what things that i am gonna wear today?"
    Nice! Congratulations ka fahad :)

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Beauty Blogger

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