Tuesday, November 24, 2015

YOHJI YAMAMOTO-ish : Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 Day 4

Hey guys! I'm back with my shoulder lenght ombre hair. It's my real hair, I didn't wear a wig for sure! I'm in dillema to grow my hair longer or cut it off? CONFUSED! Been growing the hair since 2012 when I was bald, usually I went to salon to trim the hair to keep it health. Anyway, can you guess who was my inspiration for this denim look? :D

Sunday, November 15, 2015

BURBERRY-ish : Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 Day 3

Back to the track on my weekend routine, blog update! Photos were taken in the corner of apartment in front of my office. I managed this shoot before go to the venue of Jakarta Fashion Week 2016, while waiting the taxi to pick me up. I'm quite surprise with the result. I didn't recognize if my day 3 outfit has same tone with the background. It's so compliment each other after all!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

SAINT LAURENT-ish : Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 Day 2

Sun bright even brighter than yesterday in the second day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2016. The clockwise leads to 3.30PM when I checked my DOGFIGHT watch from Urban Icon Store. Oh great, I arrived earlier one hour before show! Seems like I still have free time to have snack inside the mall as my late lunch to make my tummy silent for awhile then running outside arranged quick snap photos for blog before enter the fashion show tent. IT'S MANDATORY RULES AS A BLOGGER, RIGHT? I don't want to waste my outfit today that I got inspired of mixing 2 looks from Menswear SAINT LAURENT Spring Summer 2014.

Monday, November 2, 2015

BALMAIN-ish : Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 Day 1

Hello! It's me (Adele's voice) LOL ~ Hectic week of fashion week in my country just finished. I was very lucky this year to get invitations from day 1 until day 7 non stop. I had to stopped one day in day 6 because I had an appointment to be attended on that day. I would like to say that you so much to my friend who are working in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 to gave me the invitations :D