Saturday, July 23, 2016

Are you a party goers?

Saturday afternoon back on laptop to write post on my blog. I woke up late because last night I attended my long lost best friend's birthday party at the club. That's one of the most favorite club in Jakarta,we used to go there almost every weekend to have some drinks and dancing all night. I came early and none of the invitations there. I feel awkward to be the first one who enter the club after a while. Lots of things changes inside the club after renovation, the guard said it's almost a year. Imagine that, I never stepped my feet wearing gorgeous shoes to the club more than years. I admit that I was a freaking crazy party goers in my teen years. My friends called my "PARTY ANIMAL" LOL. But now, I don't feel like party is my priority on the weekend. I still love party and it's all things that engage to it, I do come to rave party sometimes. Honestly, I'm kinda miss party! How about you guys?

The shoot here is not related to the party things for sure. I wasn't wearing all the clothes here to the party. This was taken after my work on Friday before back home. The sun is so bright yet the wind is blowing. I'm standing in the rooftop garden in Pullman Hotel, Jakarta. So yeah, I asked my friend to help me out take some photos for my blog post. YEAY!

Hat - Berybenka
Sunglasses - FOREVER21
Light Coat - UNBRANDED
Tshirt - H&M
Jogger Pants - H&M
Socks - GIE
Sneakers - ADIDAS



  1. Love the colour combo... great sneakers!

  2. the colour combination is to die for.
    I consider myself a not-so-party goer. But i just tag along with my friends :D

    Pudding Monster

  3. sooooo cool!
    btw, nice to know you kak x


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