Thursday, October 30, 2014

Modern Witch

TRICK or TREAT? Halloween is around the corner guys! Have you prepared what would you wear for halloween? What's your costume? TELL ME! Honestly, I didn't plan anything to do a "HALLOWEEN" shoot like you've seen in the photos. The shoot happened months ago when I was obsessed with gothic, dark and witch look! I just realized these unpublished photos are match enough with end of the month theme a.k.a HALOWEEN! With the help of my sister, her magic hand made my hair kinda like afro big hair. She used hairspray and hairbrush, she brushed my hair ups and downs, then spray the hairspray, pulled it up, she also gave a random blow with hairdryer until finally the hair became messy like a witch! The layering technique of all black eerrtthang outfit is the right choice to make my own costume, and last but not least the touch of broken umbrella as a hand property wasn't a bad idea to replace the magic witch stick. Wasn't it?

Here are my tips for your Halloween inspiration if don't plan to rent a costume but you want to make your own costume with a limit clothes in your wardrobe:
1) Pick you all black outfit! Layering! Make it look alike a costume.
2) Wear a hat (fedora or brim hat) if you are going to be a witch like me :p
3) Experiment with the make up. Do some unusual make up!
4) Use black lipstick. If you don't have black lipstick, replace it with black gel eyeliner! IT WORKS!
5) BE YOURSELF! Make your own character :)
Happy Halloween and enjoy your costume party!

Brim Hat - ZARA
Bat Wing Top - Unbranded
Statement Necklace - Gallery De Noir (Galeries Lafayette)
Gloves - King Fahad Scale Collections
Pleated Skirt - H&M
Faux Leather Pants - H&M
Boots - H&M



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