Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fashion Confession

Fashion confession of me! I'm not going to lie or hide the truth behind all my outfit. I spent lots of money shopping at women's section. Especially, when I'm looking for pants. I almost bought all my pants from women's section, as you can see my body isn't really big. I'm quite slim! I ended up with a disappointment when I tried some men's pants in fitting room, because none of them fit me well. Then I'm looking to another pants in women's section. Gladly, I found my size there and the pants fit me so well!

Truth be told, none of men clothes I wore in this post! WHAT? Yes! Problem?! I'm telling you all the truth and fact about my fashion picks. The shoulder pad blazer, the belt, the pants, the sandals, the bag (ofcourse), even the hat (it looks unisex, but actually the hat available at women's section), I bought them all from women's section! I don't wanna make my weakness as a slim guy become a big problem for me to shop or wear clothes. I take a risk to shop at women's section and I think that's an opportunity of being a slim guy! I can shop wherever I want! So what do you guys think about the result?

Brim Hat - H&M
Shoulder Pad Blazer - Vintage
Belt - H&M
Bag - H&M
Trousers - ZARA
Ring - Traditional Market, Bali
Gladiator Sandals - NEW LOOK



  1. doesn't matter what section you shopped, as long as it fit well. i always adore how bold you look, ... !! :)

    Slumber Talk

  2. I agree! but when it comes to fashion it's totally unisex as long as you could pull it the way it should be! I must say i am totally amazed by the way you're creating a manly look yet you find these items from women section! hands down!

  3. damn I wish I could be like you.
    sometimes men's section are way too expensive compare to the women's. That's why I also look for oversized clothing in women's section, who knows it will fit me. nice outfit anyway!

    The Style Rebellion

  4. Oh gosh! I love your outfit shoo bad, and love your belt too! <3 You always look stunning Fahad!

  5. omg!! your sandals is very amazing and stylish! I want one too ♥

    New style post on the blog dear!

  6. i want your sandals! ><
    resiko badan unyu-unyu, tapi tetep kece dong yaaaaa ♥

  7. your sandals i so cute ...
    i'm happy to visit here and got any idea for my design ...

    thanks a lot ...
    dunia berbicara

  8. If you feel comfortable with it, it's totally fine!
    In the end, it's how you represent yourself.

    Me too, shop at woman's section just to find some jacket that fit the look that i wanted. (so i know the case haha)

    Check mine,

  9. Cool outfit! x

    Angelus ||

  10. You totally look so fashionable. I love your hair color. Great post.

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