Sunday, August 24, 2014

Street Style Competition

Today I have bunch plans of doing nothing all day in my bed. Such a lazy Sunday! Time to relax and break the legs :D Spent my whole Saturday night yesterday at my room watching Lady Gaga's concert on YouTube from ArtRave Ball back to The Monster Ball until I fell asleep and forgot to click publish on this post. I'm too enjoyed with the concert! Lady Gaga is my inspiration in fashion, beside her sense of fashion & awesome style I also got influence by street style people around the world. Everytime I see street style page on STYLE.COM, Facehunter, The Sartorialist, Carolines Mode, Monsieur Jerome, Le 21eme and any other website, I admired how creative they are on mixing their clothes between the branded & unbranded becoming an extraordinary style formula. Not to mention, their self confidence on creating an individual style on the street incredibly AMAZING!!! Seems like I need to learn and join self confidence course with them :)

It's going to be a good news for the street style lovers in Indonesia, Galeries Lafayette Jakarta held STREET STYLE Fashion is You 3rd edition. I had joined from the 1st & the 2nd edition. Perhaps I didn't win anything from the first & second edition of Fashion is You, I keep positive to join the third edition because winner never quit, right? I failed in the second chance, who knows my luck in this third chance! I sent the photo bellow to join Fashion is You 3rd edition, I think it's match with the 'Street Style' theme. Isn't it? Please do support me & vote my photo here (just click VOTE) to go through the final session. I created all black eerrtthhaang combined with adorable over size tartan blazer from thrifted store for this competition. The special magic of black outfit effect is easy to blend with bright color or any kind of pattern as long as you know how to make it cool. This probably the outfit I would love to wear if I have no time to think what should I wear & there is only have 5 minutes left to go after got a surprise call from my friend "Hey! I'm in front of your house. Let's go to the party!". Spontaneous I changed my pajamas with this outfit then scream I'M READY TO GO BITCH!

Brim Hat - H&M
Turtle Neck - Unbranded
Tartan Blazer - Thrifted Store
Leather Pants - H&M
Boots - H&M



  1. simple yet edgy, you tartan blazer makes the whole look goes 'baam'!
    That leather trousers is sick ! keren banget!!

  2. match hair and tartan blazer! so cool ^^

  3. super cool! :D
    love that blazer and boots <33
    btw good luck for the competition~ ;;)

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Cool outfit
    Of course you have my vote

    Mi blog by Amo

  5. VOTED !! hehehe
    mind to followback each other on GFC ?


  6. Incredible look !!!!!!!!


  7. soo cool~

  8. Nice outfit! Love the boots and hat

    Adhi Wahyudi

  9. I love a guy who's also really into fashion and dares to be different, I think you're folllowing me already? I've been to your site before so I'm sure I followed you, you're fabulous!!!! <3 Your style has evolved so much since I last saw this site 3 months ago, bravo!! Please do check out my newest post where I, a boy-tomboy hilariously embrace my inner-dyke. Featuring a pompom embellished shirt, wide-legged culottes, and white birks derr! I guarantee you'd get a good laugh out of it.


  10. aaaaa Fahad! this is the reason why i adore you, besides you always keep positive thinking of anything, you have a great sense of fashion (esp. street style)! RAD!!!
    Good luck! just vote you! ^^v

  11. cool vibes and fit!

  12. Perfect grunge look men! I love your hairstyle :DDD

  13. You're one of chic guy!! love it!

    If you decided to follow me on (gfc, bloglovin, chictopia or lookbook), leave a comment on my blog to lemme know and I'll return the favor :)

    Little Miss Olen.

  14. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? Let me know what you think about it with a comment on my Blog :) Or you can follow me and I follow back :)

    Have a nice day Rabea <3

  15. kereeeen banget Fahad, street style banget mah iniiii:)sukaaaaa....
    aaaa... Fahad aku juga ikutan kamu udh bnyak bnget yaa, aku baru aja ikutaaan, hahhaaa
    semoga aku bruntung bisa ketemu Fahad ntarrr,hheheee:)

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  16. already voted for this cool style !!
    good luck!

  17. Amazing style
    loving your ombre hair!

  18. love the outfit
    but your hair are the best tho <3

    visit my new post :

  19. OMG!! That blazer is amazing!!! I love the boots!! *-*

  20. Im in love with Le 21eme, too! One of my favorites...
    The blazer is really great, I hope to see more of it in your blog :)


  21. Aztagaaah keren banget! I always love your style, and your blazer match your hair so muchhh! I love your "green" look <3

  22. i like your hair!
    I really love your blog, maybe we can follow each other via Bloglovin, GFC or facebook? let me know on my blog
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  23. that tartan blazer looks awesome on you !!

  24. love your hair! it suits with your blazer<3


  25. Duh kece mampus blazer nya mau banjetttzzzzz !!!!


  26. Aku juga suka banget sama Lady Gaga >.<
    Btw kak Cool bgd blazernya!
    Always adore youuuuu


  27. that tartan blazer!
    great look <3


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