Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Am Not a Fashion Police: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Outfit Day 6

Every day is a new beginning. Every day is a good day. Every day is a perfect day to start something new and explore what you really want. I'm switching every day to explore my creativity on styling myself and to try something that I never done before. Remember the Y.O.L.O tagline! Actually the black top under my H&M structured blazer is just a turtleneck top, which is usually covered my neck. My experiment that day, I didn't roll down the neck part like I used to be instead of let it up and worn as half  face mask, because I definitely don't plan to  talk to everyone. So, mouth closed for a day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7 on

What can I say about this amazing shoot by Kaymori? He captured the best detail on the street of my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7, which is the last closing day of JFW. I feel so honored to be featured (again) on "STREET STYLE" page on day 7. I attended five days from the seven days of fashion week and get featured fourth times in a week with 5 photos on from close up, detail outfit and full body. IT'S MAJOR!!! There's no words to describe my feeling right now! Are you curious with my whole outfit on that day? Stay on the blog, cause I will update soon!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Setting Fashion Future: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 #4 Outfit

Walking down to the street right after BNSDxJFW2015 show, I was coming to support my baby girl the future designer in fashion Avridya Keumala and I felt so fashion forward to wearing one of her collection the unisex bomber jacket before it's launched in the runway show! To be honest, I wasn't sure how to rock the bomber jacket, randomly I picked wide tied samurai pants + roll in my colorful accessories & Nike woven sneakers! Not to mention, the sakura printed clutch is an exclusive gift from Billy Tjong that ZALORA Indonesia sent to me a week before fashion week. I'm so glad to received a lovely feedback from the designer, she loves it from head to toe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 5 on

HOLY MOLLY MOTHER OF GOD! Another page featured on Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 day 5. Kaymori the coolest street style photographer in town captured every single details of what people's wearing during Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. Glad that he captured my DIY police hat & featured it on the website. I'll see you on the next even, Kay! Oh anyway, don't forget to JOIN MY GIVEAWAY! You can get a super cool eyewear from POLETTE EYEWEAR. Kindly check the detail on my previous post here.

Friday, November 14, 2014

POLETTE GIVEAWAY: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 #2 Outfit

It was a sunny day when I attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 2 last week. Randomly rolling on my stuffs in the morning before went to the venue. I wore my Xray Bone Black transparent top under a bikers vest and jeans with stamp texts. Actually the jeans cutting wasn't good enough and I'm not confidence to wear the jeans, but my mind changed after I rolled up and make a cuff roll. The jeans looks more awesome on me (narcissism mode: ON). Then I put an eye catching B&W stripped sunnies from Polette Eyewear for a special formula of my grungy & quirky look! You definitely need a super cool sunglasses like mine. Now is your chance to have it for free because I teamed up with Polette Eyewear Indonesia to hosting a GIVEAWAY for you! How to join? Check this out :D

Monday, November 10, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 4 on

Featured on during Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 day 4. I haven't post my second outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 and this photo already up on the website. No worries! I will update the second look to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 and will also update about my details outfit here in the next post. Anyway, I'm gonna hosting a giveaway. That would be your early Christmas & New Year presents. WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE GIVEAWAY? :p

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love in Monochrome: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 #1 Outfit

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 held at Senayan City start from November 1st - 7th. Last Saturday I came to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 day #1 with my fellow blogger friends. As usual, before watch the show, we jumped to the outdoor area to take some outfit photos! Thank you so so much to my blogger friends Sartob and Atjil Aynna who helped me to took these photos. I feel like its background give me the definition of "Mr Rebel in Town" with the building and the traffic behind me. I'm literally hitting the town as a Mr Rebel!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 on

This is the second time for me being featured in the MAJOR fashion website Thank you to the coolest Mr Photographer Kaymori Bronx. He captured the best part of my detail outfit on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 1 which is my LOVE AS CARD statement bag & Gold Nike Air Max 90. Plus a bonus shot my flawless face & smile! Check more photos here.