Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grand Final LSPR Fashion SAGA 2013 "INNO-FASHION WORLD"

LSPR Fashion SAGA 2013 "INNO-FASHION WORLD" is an annual fashion event in LSPR created by LSPR Modelling Club. This the fifth annual event of LSPR Fashion SAGA and it was held on Friday, May 31st. Listed various Indonesian Designers & Brands participate to support LSPR Fashion SAGA 2013, either senior designers and newcomers designers. Some senior designers like Barli Asmara, ADCEE by Aditya Dwi Cahya, PVOMO&PRVE by Andhika Dharmapermana, HRL by Eggy Herlambang, Baroque's Urban by Yevi Yunita, INDUOVIDU by Primawan & Uya Partkitchung, etc supports LSPR Modelling's event with their fabulous collection for fashion show. 10 Finalist (5 female & 5 male) were hitting the stage together and fight to be the 1st winner of LSPR NEXT TOP MODEL 2013. Anyway, LSPR Modelling Club fully support by the fierce judges Aldo Akira (Profesional Makeup Artist), Kelly Tan (Super Model Indonesia), Paula Verhoeven (Super Model Indonesia), Reza Bustami (Managing Editor CLARA Magazine), & Imanuel Hutagalung (Deputy Director III LSPR).
How's the show gone? Here are the review for you guys :)

1st Winner
Female: Hanny Fenesia
Male: Stefanus Putra

2nd Winner
Female: Yolanda A.A.P
Male: Jonathan Andriano

Favorite Winner
Female: Karina Nandia
Male: Brian Austin

Beside a modelling competition, LSPR Modelling made a styling competition Tribute to Anna Piaggi
and the winner is .....
1st Winner: Gloria Jessica U. Gultom
2nd Winner: Maria Indra Puspa CahyagiariniCh
3rd Winner: Varrainda Ayu Ratri D
Favorite Winner: Inez Elika

anyway, congratulations for all winners

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale

Monday, June 17, 2013

Afternoon to Evening

I'm letting the beard grows to reinforce the middle east face that I have. Do I look OK with that beard? My parents are Arabian from Yaman. Because my skin is not white, some people think if I'm an Indian x_x (You are not the first one, If you think that too). Uh, Poor me! I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT FUCKING STATEMENT! Why most people can't distinguish between Arabians and Indians? Here I just want to clarifying about my Arabian blood. I AM ARABIAN INDIAN BOY! However, being an Arabian doesn't mean I just can wear muslim wear, gamis, robe and peci / kopiah. Correct?

Friday, June 14, 2013

White Rose Print

Hey Gorgeous! First of all, let me introduce the dog who accompanied me in the photos. His name is Choco (my friend's pet). The fact behind the shoot: I was freaking out when took photograph with Choco. Due I had a bad memory with a dog in my childhood. Just trying to stay cool and being friendly with Choco. And fortunately, Choco is a good dog! He doesn't make me scared without barking. HUFTNESS!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Girls Night - A musical comedy

PAC 14-2B  Proudly presents

        " GIRLS' NIGHT "
        A musical comedy

Tuesday,18 June 2013, 19:00WIB
Prof. Dr.Djajusman Auditorium and Performance hall,London School of Public Relations-Jakarta.Campus B

HTM : 40.000 IDR

For more info follow
on for the ticket and reservation please contact :
Uthie : 081317555221
Sadia : 08170973696

Sponsored By :
The Lucy's Kitchen
Sriwijaya Air
Mustika Ratu
Zodiac KTV
Yayasan Puteri Indonesia
Nu Milk Tea
Panin Bank
Bank BTN
RM. Sederhana
Dapoer Kirani
UR by Uthie Robby

Media partners :
MD Radio
Bens Radio
Majalah Story

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Call me Mr. Busy

Good afternoon everyone! What are you guys up to in this lazy Sunday? I just woke up from my dreamland *UPS* (it's about 2.30pm) LOL ~ My days highly tiring me so bad, but I had so much fun on this weekend. Jumped from a meeting into another meetings. From a meeting in Kuningan, I went to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town with my friend for another meetings. Spent lot of my time away from home. I could go out in early morning and back in the next day in the morning again. Sometimes 24 hours/day is not enough. Agree with that? I need (sorry, I think "we" need) more extra time in my life! Yeah, maybe you can call me Mr.Busy! Alright, after all meetings done, It's time for window shopping! Go straight to Zara, Topman, Forever21 and any other cool stores in Grand Indonesia. Uh yess my luck! I bought a faux leather vest perfecto cut (like bikers jacket cut) at Forever21. I might wear that faux leather vest on my next post sooner or later! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend :D

Monday, June 3, 2013

Red (HAT) Chili Peppers

I have an incredible feeling at this time. How amazing the supports I got from all people around me. Sometimes you guys forget to thankful for everything what you have now and wishing for what you don't have. That's great if you always thankful every single time, if you didn't do that at all? I suggest you to get down your knees, rise your hands, head down, then PRAY! Regret comes late, regretting the past makes you regret the present! Be thankful for what you have now, before it became what you had.