Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Power of DIY and Unbranded

Black has always been my favorite color ever and always will be!
No matter what the trend color is right now, black will always stay and increase to fulfill my wardrobe. Hhmm, wearing all the same color from head to toe seems boring. That's why I'm wearing blue pointy shoes to complete the entire outfit. The black top with studded is the newest DIY Project by me. I just realized, That black top been staying in my wardrobe for almost 6 years (quite long). I have never wear that because I think the black top is so plain until I made this project. My creativity and imagination came to me right before I jump into my dreamland. Saw studs lying on my desk, then thinking to remodel my plain black top. VIOLA!!! THE OLD ONE CAN BE THE NEW ONE! Now, my black top looks much better with studded everywhere. Anyway, have you done a DIY project so far? What is that?

Ciffon Headband - DIY
Sunglasses - Unbranded
Black Top with Studded - DIY
Harem Pants - Unbranded
Blue Pointy Shoes - Bangkok

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. you know how to nailed all DIY thing like this.
    I actually falling in love in black stop studded. where you get that studded btw?

  2. I know right? black is such a happy color! "quotes taken from morticia Addams"
    Amazing combination again! hope we could see each other in December!

  3. Good stuff with the studded sweater. I dig that :)
    Hello from Vancouver! Really love the style of Asia. We should all keep in touch! @seffinisto

  4. woww... love your sweater

  5. simply awesome, I love the way you wear the headband.

  6. OMG, I want your top. Glad that was a DIY project :) Think I'm going to do the same to one of my sweater or something :)

  7. you are very smart! I also love to DIY some old things and turn it to new :D
    black color never goes wrong ;)


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