Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Indonesia National Batik Day

Today is Indonesia National Batik Day. Batik has been around for many hundreds of years. Indonesia must be proud for having a batik as the traditional culture. Short history of batik, traditionally made by hand design draw, it called batik 'tulis'. Batik produces some of the most beautiful art in the world. However, Batik is not easy and involves a very labor intensive and complex process with many hours of back breaking hard work.

Some people just wearing batik to an occasion like wedding party. In this modern era, batik isn't only worn by old grandpa / grandma, everyone can wear batik and you can wear batik as your daily outfit. Well, wearing batik can make your looks dandy yet fancy. Mixing traditional batik with modern touch clothes in my wardrobe like with short denim and faux leather vest is a challenge

The first photo in this post I sent to to join Indonesia Pride - Jakarta Street Style Photo Competition. Then, Fimela Girl team & Metro Department Store choose me as one of the winner. Thank you, Fimela Girl & Metro Department Store!

Hat - Unbranded
Round Sunnies - Rayban
Batik Solo - Karya Agung
Faux Leather Vest - FOREVER21
Paisley Denim Short - Guess
Clutch Bag - Little Things She Needs
Black Socks - ZARA
Brown Pantofel - VINTAGE

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. I did tell you that you have amazing style din't I? Love your glasses, and all your thriftted collection are just so cool. Incl those vintage shoes. LOVE.


  2. wow you really deserved to win, because this batik look is super cool !! <3

  3. I need your vest!! You look cool :)

  4. probably you're the most stylist guy around your place haha


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