Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Common People Question

Mr. Rebel in a mission to hit up 'Bangkok' town with my rebelicious attitude completed by wearing pairs of edgy boots from H&M. Picking casual yet comfortable outfit like denim on vacation (it's a must) and bring a big bag on vacation (it's a must too!).  For environment reasons, I prefer bring my own bag than having to get plastic bag from every store when my passion for shopping peaked. Not only because many 'NEW' stuffs / goods can fit into my backpack, but also can put my camera inside the bag. Uh, I don't like being bothered by carrying many plastic bags. So bye bye plastic bag :P

Funnily, my short trip to Bangkok wasn't for a holiday instead of working as a fashion buyer (holiday is just a bonus perhaps). Wait wait, have I ever told you about that? Not yet! Hhmm Ok bitches, I'm working as a fashion buyer at an emerging fashion boutique in Jakarta. That was totally a new experience for me. Suddenly remember about basic common people's question when they know that I am into fashion. Everyone keep asking me with the same question "Why don't you be a fashion designer?" the honest answer from the bottom heart out of my mouth, I was planned myself to jump into fashion design school before. Then I'm not sure enough. Hhmm, into fashion doesn't mean you have to be a designer, right? There are so many jobs related to fashion in fashion industry like fashion stylist, fashion editor, fashion photographer, PR fashion, merchandiser, make up artist, fashion buyer, etc, etc. Well I did some designs for clothes of mine, it's not a huge design. Maybe someday in the next future I would love to try to be a fashion designer, just not now cause I do what I love and love what I do now :D

Sunglasses - Unbranded
Skull Necklace - Costumize
Silver Ring - FOREVER21
Black Basic Tshirt - ZARA
Denim Jacket - GUESS
Wash Ripped Jeans - VINTAGE
Combat Boots - H&M
Animal Print Bag - Jansport



  1. Great photos! Good luck with your fashion career. Sounds like you're having fun which is what matters most! Great outfit! Love the animal print backpack!


  2. your boots and sunglasses looks stunning, I love it, :)

  3. Great outfit and photos! That bag is amazing
    Want to follow eachother on blogger and blogovin? Let me know

  4. i loved your style and your blog
    follow for follow? ^^

  5. I like this bag a lot! i'm following you now! I inviteyou to check out my blog :D
    Cristian Moya

  6. so inspiring with denim on denim!
    I love the boots!

  7. cool outfit as alwaysssss >.<
    love your boots, backpack, jacket, necklace, sunglasses, denim pants,
    intinya suka semuanya kak , lol :D
    btw post design kakak donk mau liat hihi


  8. this outfit is sooo rebellious! suits your style at best
    Can't tell whether you did cut your hair or not, what ever ways it ROCK!!

  9. Omydear Lorde, I love your style! want to follow eachtother?
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  10. really love this look and your style.:)

    would you like to follow each other?let me know.:)


  11. I like your hair look so perfect with your face shape

  12. Fahaad keren banget !! so cool !!
    love your boots !

  13. agree, most people think fashion is all about being a fashion designer at the end.
    Love that boots and your hair look :)

  14. we got the same bag. but it looks so cool on you ;)


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