Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exploring The City

My real life takes over everything. I mean in our 'temporary' life, we only have a limited time to do anything we want. I just back from a short trip Bangkok with my friend and purposely didn't update my blog for a while there, due to our full schedule we had. Bangkok was so great anyway! Despite the fact that Bangkok looks like Jakarta, what I saw from the windows in my hotel room are big buildings.

Walked around exploring the city at night, due to the minimum lights in the crossing bridge where I posed, I need flash helps to get a better photos. Me & my friend was looking for dinner and I almost cryyyyyyyyy, in the middle my hungry as hell situation, it's quite hard to find a 'click' restaurant where I suppose to eat & serves food that accordance with my tongue. So many street foods near my hotel but mostly they serve seafoods, which is I couldn't eat that. Cause beside I'm allergic to bullshit, I also allergic to seafood! It seems my colorful outfit give me a direction where to go & what to eat! The major yellow jersey & red snapback bring me to the famous yellow & red everyone's favorite fast food restaurant. You know that? YUP! McDonald, I'm lovin' it!

Red Snapback - Unbranded
Plaid Shirt -Thrifted
LAKERS Jersey - Adidas
Indigo Jeans - TOPMAN
White Sneakers - TOPMAN



  1. Lovely basket tee !! so cool.


  2. I like your basketball attire combination! Cool location to take photographs, even though at night the photos still looks great!


  3. I love your style, :)
    ohh ya, jarang dan susah banget lho ketemu sama men fashion blogger, hehe

    btw, I'm now following you, would you mind to follow back me?thank you,

  4. nice outfit!! your style is stunning

    Greets Jon,

  5. I love when I find bloggers males. Fashion is not just for women!
    I'm a new blogger from Italy. If you want, take a look at my blog.
    Eni K.

  6. love the way you mix the jersey kak!


  7. always looking amazing
    i admire your style so much

  8. ahhh keren banget so edgy and refreshing!! Mr.Rebel always have a good eye on color combination!

  9. Great post and yes bangkok looks like jakarta.. chaotic :)

  10. omg who know jersey and plaid shirt could match so well!! love the whole look combination ^^

  11. U always work it with ur own character Fahad, always love ur style!!!

    Visit mine:

  12. aaah just love the way you wear basketball jersey ! kereeen banget !! ahh kapan nihh ootd-an di bogor haha >.<


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