Friday, March 13, 2015

Rainbow Baroong: Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 Outfit Day 2

Hello Fabulous Friday! You guys must be so fucking happy about that. Same here, I do love Friday! Inspiration of the day to wear Baroong Tee is from the 1st winner of Indonesia Fashion Designer Competition 2014. Last year winner is Sav Lavin, she made Baroong to her fashion show and here I'm bringing basic Baroong Tee to the next level. Usually people wear the Baroong Tee in Bali or just for sleep, now I show you how to make it cooler than before.

Got a question from friend of mine "don't you feel so hot / sweating inside your layering outfit?" And my reply was "NO, I DON'T! The fact is Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 venue is in a big hall with AC facilities in the building and my layering technique was layer thin fabric clothes, even my blazer it has transparent / see through sleeve. So I don't feel that hot or sweating inside!" Chill baby! I'm fine with this layering. You no need to worry :D

Snapback - Unbranded
Sunglasses - Cherokee
Anchor Necklace - Wherebygoods
Blazer - Yves Saint
Black Tshirt Dress - H&M (inner)
Baroong Tee - Traditional Market Bali
Green Skinny - ZARA
Samurai Pants - Unbranded
Shoes - Bangkok



  1. you look super cool kak! :D
    dat barong must be so comfy <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. Replies
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  3. Love your rainbow outfit from head to toe! UGHH <3

  4. You never let me down on your outfit kak!


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