Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paris Van Java

Bandung's weather allows me to wear layering, due to the weather was so cold and windy all day. My hair had a little fight with the wind, but in the photographs it looks flawless. Thank to the uncontrollable wind that given me a cool effect. The photos here were taken by my sister when we were visiting our family in Bandung. We decided to hang out in Paris Van Java (and of course OOTD photos mandatory!). Well, I admit Bandung is one of the stylish city in Indonesia after Jakarta! I enjoyed the stylish atmosphere around Paris Van Java, wondering if someday I walk on the street in "Paris" (French). Speaking of Paris, I still need your favor to vote me on the Street Style Competition that held by Galeries Lafayette. The prize for the first winner is a holiday & shopping trip to Paris. Don't forget to vote me here (click "VOTE" the love symbol above my photo) & pray for me! - Thank you <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Attitude is Everything

Who's watching America's Next Top Model cycle 21??? Are you the fan of ANTM??? I regularly share the video of ANTM cycle 21 on my blog. Who's your favorite model on this cycle, anyway? Me, I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE Lenox and Ben, I really want to see both of them on the finale. I do love the amazing & unique look of Chantalle, too bad she got eliminated earlier. To be honest, I also love Romeo's edgy style, but his attitude is a BIG NO NO! Drama has started from the first episode. Shocking kick off elimination before the judging panel happened at the latest episode I watched & there was also a surprise for Lenox who almost eliminated in the judging panel to stay and run the journey. If you don't understand what I'm talking about here, you better watch the ANTM videos that I shared. Here are the links ANTM cycle 21 episode 1, ANTM cycle 21 episode 2 & 3, ANTM cycle 21 episode 4, and later I will share the latest episode once I got the link. PROMISE :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Who said owning black quilted leather bikers jacket is enough? I'm not that person for sure, I don't feel enough with having one only. YOU MUST OWN THE BLACK ONE, at least. BUT, if you can have another color, why not? I'm still looking for another bikers jacket in different colors like brown, red, maroon, blue, even green. Please do let me know if you know where to find that colors! Speaking of the colors, I'm wearing all the colors which I mentioned above. Actually, that's not an easy things to combine 6 different solid dark colors in one look. My hair color also gave their best contribution to this entire look! How do I look then?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Basement Shoot!

Everythig in life is temporary. So if things are going good, ENJOY IT! Because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry! IT CAN'T LAST FOREVER EITHER! I think I need a retouch to my hair & dye it again into brighter color. My hair color fading away into a darker color as you see in the photos, it's green blended with black now, not turquoise anymore. By the way, you definitely always see me wearing snapback, fedora, beanie, or brim hat. Yes I'm collecting those headwear / headpiece in different colors. The white one brim hat I wore here is a gifted by my friend from his trip to Amsterdam few months ago. I've been so obsessed on wearing kinda of semi formal attire lately, but too lazy to tied up my shoelace. So I prefer to walk in fashionable sandal. Well another happiness come out when I received a box of pair birkenstock sandal from @Priskymainstore, that's what exactly I was looking for!!! It's really comfortable to walk in, you can also pick your favorite color because they have so many color choices. Go check their collection on instagram, guys!