Sunday, February 24, 2013

MY LOOKS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 4

I'm out of the box when mixing the outfit that I wore in the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I saw everyone's wearing Indonesia traditional / local fabric like batik, saroong, songket, etc. And me? I choose modern hippie looks. Shirt & short. I also wore Men Legging under my basket ball short. Did you guys hear about Men Legging? I tried to wear that, because I think that so unique & out of the box. WUUUFF, the biggest fashion movement in Indonesia officially finished. I'm looking forward to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 next year.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

LENNOR by Lenny Agustin: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hey guys! what I'm going to do here is share what I saw in the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. IN THE WOOD - LENNOR by Lenny Agustin. she said this is a holiday ala Lenny Agustin. That's good, Lenney Agustin not only design womenswear, but also menswear. Are you guys ready to adventure with Lenny Agustin's collection?

all photos by Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 check on

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Friday, February 22, 2013

MY LOOKS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 3


Hello my gorgeous readers! I attended to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 day 3 with my new spirit! Definitely, with my new outfit too :D It's been a while not posting about my looks! I'm so feeling blue on the day 3 of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, I was wearing all blue head to toe. Maybe blue is the new black for me! I picked my denim shirt for top, blue navy blazer for an outer, classic scarf, DIY torn jeans, & blue shoes. ALL BLUE!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

EAST MEET WEST by Ichwan Thoha : Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Kalut by Samuel Wattimena: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hello Gorgeous! I'm here again and giving you all review about Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. Last week was my busy week on February. Jump jump jump! As a boy / guy / men fashion blogger, I want to write more about men fashion from every persepective. Fashion, trend, style, fashion show, menswear, etc etc. Attended fashion show is always fun! seeing the models in the runway wearing beautiful clothes wrapped their body.
I saw this fashion show after Ardistia New York fashion show. Samuel Wattimena collection same as Ardistia New york, they both made their beautiful collection with maxistyle textile. Samuel Wattimena collection looks great for urban, cool, yet stylish man like us :p

Photos by Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Effortless Elegance by Ardistia New York: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Maxistyle present Styling the World, Maxistyle is the living proof that  Indonesian textile is a world class textile. the man responsible for the uniqueness of Maxistyle textile, Edwin Kow said "Indonesian textile is not only Batik or other traditional cloths, but also the ones produced by an indigenous company like PT Maxistar, Maxistyle has proven itself to be suitably combined with various textiles from France and Italy in creating tasteful fashionable clothes out of world class designs. It is in itself an achievement"

Photos by Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

In this fashion show, Ardistia NewYork showcases a contemporary collection with a chic, timeless and modern theme called Effortless Elegance for smart and sophisticated women who adore fashion so much. Her design extremely fresh and light modern composition into authentic elegant dresses in Spring/Summer 2013-2014 collection. She also use Maxistyle since 2012 for her collection.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Denny Wirawan: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

When the model came out from the backstage, I was totally amazed by the concept. From where the ideas to insert the reeds, twigs, etc? it became statement headpieces. Denny Wirawan's Collections in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013: theme "Beauty Diary" inspired by womens in his social life. Glamourous woman, feminime, gracefull, ellegant, and simplecity. He said "woman is like a rope! It can be strong, weak, soft, and energic." we will see fashion era in 40's and 50's in his collections.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

MY LOOKS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1

*inhale* *exhale* I got invitations for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I LOVE THIS MOMENT! I'm not going to Indonesia Fashion Week only for see the shows. This is also the right time for me to do a fashion show but not in the runway LOL. Maybe, in the hall everyone's eyes will focus to the all models & seeing the fashion show. After that? My turn to make their eyes focused to me HAHAHAHA =D I picked the newest suit I made last month to come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. MILITARY SUIT!

MALOLO by Ivan Gunawan: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

In the first day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, I saw Ivan Gunawan Show.
He is a fabulous Indonesia Designer. His new collections are womenswear & menswear.
Thank God, Ivan made the fashion show looks different today with showing menswear too. I'm tired of seeing bunch of womenswear in the show since the show started. GREAT!
This is MALOLO - A journey to Mandar by Ivan Gunawan.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

STYLOPEDIA: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hey Fashionistas!
This year I got another invitation for the biggest Fashion Movement in Indonesia called Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. IFW 2013 held in Jakarta Convention Center, Start from Feb 14th - Feb 17th 2013. While everyone in New York are so fucking busy for New York Fashion Week.
it's okey for me to stay in my country and having fun here, but still going to FASHION WEEK!
(maybe in the next few years from now I'll be in New York Fashion Week)

Going To Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Quite Happy for this!
1st day in the second year of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 was so lovely! The show is all about Indonesia. Indonesia touch mixed with modernity. For those who loves fashion Indonesia so much, you'll regret if you missed it! but don't worry, I'll show you some review from Fashion Parade 'STYLOPEDIA' Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. Stylopedia is an opening Fashion Show in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 at Jakarta Convention Center.
It's a Fashion Parade from 32 Designers in Indonesia who joined APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia). Like seriously, their Masterpiece are so fabulous. I'm sure they are really genious & creative on making it!
These are some photos from Fashion Parade 'Stylopedia' Indonesia Fashion Week 2013.
Gregorius Vici - Nevi Kusuma - Stephanus Hamy - Bintang Mira Afriningrum

Susan Zhuang - Vielga Wennida - Nefrin Fadlan - Dini Pratiwi Irawati
Jimmy Fei Fei - Sugeng Waskito - Yanti Moeljono - Elok Rege Napio
Ferry Daud - Qonita Gholib - Isyanto - Pulung Rina Puspita
Dewi Syifa - Lani Teule - Sunita And Chakshu - Samuel Humspai
Priscilla Saputro - Djoko Sasongko - Malik Moestaram - Fonny Tunggal
Ayok Dwi Pancara - Harry Lam - Zainal Songket - Defrico Audy
Selvy - Phillip Iswardono - Marga Alam - Harry Ibrahim

Coming soon:
Another fashion show &
My looks at Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

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