Saturday, February 16, 2013

STYLOPEDIA: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hey Fashionistas!
This year I got another invitation for the biggest Fashion Movement in Indonesia called Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. IFW 2013 held in Jakarta Convention Center, Start from Feb 14th - Feb 17th 2013. While everyone in New York are so fucking busy for New York Fashion Week.
it's okey for me to stay in my country and having fun here, but still going to FASHION WEEK!
(maybe in the next few years from now I'll be in New York Fashion Week)

Going To Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Quite Happy for this!
1st day in the second year of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 was so lovely! The show is all about Indonesia. Indonesia touch mixed with modernity. For those who loves fashion Indonesia so much, you'll regret if you missed it! but don't worry, I'll show you some review from Fashion Parade 'STYLOPEDIA' Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. Stylopedia is an opening Fashion Show in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 at Jakarta Convention Center.
It's a Fashion Parade from 32 Designers in Indonesia who joined APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia). Like seriously, their Masterpiece are so fabulous. I'm sure they are really genious & creative on making it!
These are some photos from Fashion Parade 'Stylopedia' Indonesia Fashion Week 2013.
Gregorius Vici - Nevi Kusuma - Stephanus Hamy - Bintang Mira Afriningrum

Susan Zhuang - Vielga Wennida - Nefrin Fadlan - Dini Pratiwi Irawati
Jimmy Fei Fei - Sugeng Waskito - Yanti Moeljono - Elok Rege Napio
Ferry Daud - Qonita Gholib - Isyanto - Pulung Rina Puspita
Dewi Syifa - Lani Teule - Sunita And Chakshu - Samuel Humspai
Priscilla Saputro - Djoko Sasongko - Malik Moestaram - Fonny Tunggal
Ayok Dwi Pancara - Harry Lam - Zainal Songket - Defrico Audy
Selvy - Phillip Iswardono - Marga Alam - Harry Ibrahim

Coming soon:
Another fashion show &
My looks at Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

see yaa bye

Fahad xxx

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