Friday, April 12, 2013

VOTE YOUR FAVORITE 'Tribute to Anna Piaggi'

Me as the President of LSPR Modelling Club extremely proud & happily ever after seeing all the fashion stylist(s) done their creation on making Anna Piaggi look alike. Because their creation is super fabulous! I made a styling competition for LSPR Student who have a passion in fashion as a fashion stylist. Styling Competition was the first event for fashion stylist in LSPR Modelling history. It's beyond expected! They did an amazing job like this! I was wondering, does Anna Piaggi come over her from heaven? I saw so many Anna Piaggi(s) in the room.
Well, it is not the final result of the competition. The final runway show is concurrently with Grand Final LSPR Fashion SAGA 2013 "INNO-FASHION WORLD" on Mei 31st 2013 start 7pm at Auditorium Prof. Dr. Djajusman (LSPR) . You all can do VOTE for your FAVORITE Fashion Stylist & Model to be THE FAVORITE WINNER.
HOW TO VOTE? Simply, click VOTE below their photo. The link directly bring you to LSPR Modelling facebook account! then, Click "LIKE"
Curious about this styling competition and wanna see the final runway show? Just come on Mei 31st to LSPR & don't forget to VOTE YOUR FAVORITE! Your vote means a lot to them.
Fashion Stylist: Zhiela Sabrina Darwis 
Model: Zulfa 
Theme: Leopard Anna

Fashion Stylist: Vania Dianda Irawan
MUA: Diah Kencana Sari
Model: Ryan Maula
Theme: Eccentric Black

Fashion Stylist: Nurul Intan
Model:Jaynea-Rahma Shalita
Theme:Winter Anna Piaggi 

Fashion Stylist: Rie Putri Hartly
Model: Gadisa Permata
Theme: Bad Girl in England 

Fashion Stylist: Gloria Jessica U. Gultom
Model: Cindy Cecilia P
Theme: Sakura's Samurai

Fashion Stylist: Inez Elika
Model: Ranti Kusuma Putri
Theme: street style of winter with anna piaggi 

Fashion Stylist: Varrainda Ayu Ratri D
Model: Septia Rahma Khairunnisa
Theme: Exuburant Attire Layers 

Fashion Stylist: Maria Indra Puspa Cahyagiarini
Model: Amalia Lestari
Theme: Lady Pirate of The Clownland

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale

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