Monday, April 1, 2013

Xray Bone

Uuugghh, April already! As my promise on the previous post, after posted review outfit to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, now my turn to update my outfit to Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 few weeks ago. You all can check my first looks on Sadikin Gani's website or click here to read on my blog.

I almost never wear white pants. SUER! I only did that once long time ago when I attended to my friend's birthday bash. It because the dresscode: FABULOUS WHITE! This is my second time wearing white pants during my lifetime.  I actually afraid on wearing white, afraid of getting dirty. However, this could greatly help myself from a rebellious things and keep my clothes clean all day! To make my looks more cool, I wore Xray Bone Transparent Top from Instinct by @fitrimaryana14. I hope she like the way I'm combining my outfit to Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 :D
White Button Down - TOPMAN
Xray Bone Top - Instinct by @Fitrimaryana14
White Pants - Unbranded
Neon Spikes Bracelets - Bangkok
Tote Bag - Singapore
Glossy Pantofel - Zara
Nerd Glasses - Mall Ambasador

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. i like your unique xray bone :) hype!

  2. No problemo! sorry for not noticing you in my followers previously, I get my biker from London thrift store! you look ridiculously amazing in that bone top


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