Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm not Italian

Are you surprise to see me wearing this outfit? Haha, I hope you didn't. Cause my friends were surprised to see me like this when we met in the front of Karen Millen fashion show at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. Oh dude, my style is deppends on my mood nowadays. You may see me with any style each day. I could be so casual, edgy, rock, quirky, chic and even preppy. for this looks, I got inspired by Italian man. Street style old Italian man, definitely. 

I'm wearing 3 pieces suit in different colors & pattern. Burgundy and grey wasn't a bad combination I think. Now I have a chance to wear a wide pants to make my outfit complete at closing day of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I've been wearing skinny jeans like every single day. Skinny jeans are pants that I can't life without. Proud of my self, I STILL CAN BREATH even though I'm not wearing skinny jeans. I give all my skinny jeans a break (just a little break of course, because on the next day I'm sure, I'm gonna wearing that again). Anyway, I really had so much fun during the closing party! Gotta say THANK YOU SO MUCH PLAZA INDONESIA FOR THE INVITATIONS & YOUR HOSPITALITY!

Glasses - Mall Ambasador
Plaid Blazzer 6 Buttons - CROVER
Grey Vest - Tailored
Burgundy Jumper (inner) - Dophard Genuine (METRO Dept. Store)
Burgundy Trouser - Tailored
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Bag - POLO Sport

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. Cakepnyaaa! You look classy n fab at the same time

  2. You do look like an italian ! like jeremy thomas! haha (well, he's not italian) but well you nailed that italian sleek look so well!

  3. Great outfit, and I'm my style is always changing too! I have yet to pinpoint it. :)


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