Thursday, February 21, 2013

EAST MEET WEST by Ichwan Thoha : Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Skipped the second day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and back on the third day of it. Sitting right front row to seeing another wonderful fashion shows in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013.
So many great looks on the show. I actually came to see Ardistia New York fashion show, cause I really curious about her new collections. Instead of it I had lot seeing other fashion show from other local designers such as Samuel Wattiwena and Ichwan Thoha.

that's true! Indonesian local designers are really amazing. for example, look at Ichwan Thoha's collections here. the theme of his new collections "EAST MEET WEST"
WAAAAAAAWW!!! *jaw dropping* He is so B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T-!
for a guy who have an arabian blood and middle east culture like me, I felt like seeing Middle East Fashion Week. LOL ~ I'm so fucking in love with Ichwan Thoha's collections! GOOD JOB!
Ichwan Thoha stole my heart during Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. My heart goes to "EAST MEET WEST" <3

all photos by Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 check on
see yaa bye

Fahad xxx

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