Monday, February 18, 2013

MY LOOKS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1

*inhale* *exhale* I got invitations for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I LOVE THIS MOMENT! I'm not going to Indonesia Fashion Week only for see the shows. This is also the right time for me to do a fashion show but not in the runway LOL. Maybe, in the hall everyone's eyes will focus to the all models & seeing the fashion show. After that? My turn to make their eyes focused to me HAHAHAHA =D I picked the newest suit I made last month to come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. MILITARY SUIT!

Red Baseball Cap - Unbranded (Bandung)
Bikers Military Jacket - Tailored (My Design)
Military Skinny Pants - Tailored (My Design)
White Shirt - Topman
Black Tie - Unbranded
Black Boots - Dr. Martens
Glove - Unbranded (Bangkok)
Nerd Glasses - Mall Ambasador
Ring - Unbranded (Bali)

see yaa bye

Fahad xxx


  1. Waaa nice look ! Love the camouflage suit <3

  2. Kece abis!!
    Cepet bgt sih lo ngilangnyaa, orang mau foto huhuhuhuuu

    1. AAAHH!!! i'm so sorry Bethaaa :(
      next chance kalau ada acara lagi kabarin aja, siapa tau bisa barengan

      followed your blog!
      you're so 'kece' too :D


    2. definitely following you backk!! <3


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