Monday, October 7, 2013

Gold & Diamond Boy

You all might seen what I'm wearing here in my previous post about Grand Opening H&M Jakarta when I was hitting the red carpet.
YES! I'm going to review what I was wearing there. I love shopping whenever and wherever I am and I don't mind to shop at a thrift store / second hand market / flea market all day long to find some 'cool' and one of a kind clothes with affordable price inside which makes me happily ever after. I never thought that I could get a super rad navy velvet top with baroques accent at a thrift store *dancing*. Beside that, I got so many compliment from people about my navy velvet top at Red Carpet VIP NIGHT H&M Indonesia *blushing*. Some of them said "I love your style!" and pointing at me from head to toe, while the others asked me "where did you buy this amazing velvet top?". Quick answer by me "Thrift Store in Bandung, named Gedebage". Then, they surprised and shocked and replied again "You must be kidding me! Seriously?", "Yess, I'm not kidding!". It's proved if you are smart, clothes from thrift store with cheap price can make your appearance more special and look alike wearing branded clothes in million dollar price tag. Isn't it? Do you guys agree with what I've said?

All Over Gold Spike Cap - Bangkok
Round Glasses - Ambasador
Choker Necklace - FOREVER21
Dollar Sign Necklace - FOREVER21
Navy Velvet Top - Thrift Store
Belt - FOREVER21
Gold Bangles - FOREVER21
Sport Short - JORDAN
Studded Boxy Bag - ZARA
Navy Stocking - TOPSHOP
White Sneakers - TOPMAN

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. And again... Another amazing thrifted stuff. Im jealous.

  2. Fahad this is so cool !! just love the way you put your clothes on you .

  3. Good blog, you are so cool, GREAT LOOK :)


  4. totally love it ! <3

  5. I love this look! That velvet top is amazing, I like a man in tights :P

  6. Very bold outfit, you're very daring and defo a rebel! So glad I clicked on your comment on Pelayo's blog, I'm so happy to find another boy blogger who's experimental. Mr. Rebel, meet The Provoker lol, name should be quite self-explanatory. Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. Btw, I just posted my front row shots from CHANEL, check out the up close and personal pics if you love Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld!! <3

    xx The Provoker

  7. indeed amazing ;) i also went to thrift shop a lot too, but these days i'm too busy to wandering Y_Y after i got my german degree i will spend days looking for good pieces

  8. cool look! I love your bag and cup!

  9. This is so sick! love how velvet match with gold accent! superb!


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