Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Am Not a Fashion Police: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Outfit Day 6

Every day is a new beginning. Every day is a good day. Every day is a perfect day to start something new and explore what you really want. I'm switching every day to explore my creativity on styling myself and to try something that I never done before. Remember the Y.O.L.O tagline! Actually the black top under my H&M structured blazer is just a turtleneck top, which is usually covered my neck. My experiment that day, I didn't roll down the neck part like I used to be instead of let it up and worn as half  face mask, because I definitely don't plan to  talk to everyone. So, mouth closed for a day!

It's a part post day 5 of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 outfit. My outfit was covering all my body except half of my face, my finger & the palms of my hands. I was a little bit upset because the shows were not arrange properly by the JFW committee but I'm freaking happy at the same time because I got a snap by street style photographer from when I'm about to leave Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 venue. As you can check in my previous post here, the "STREET STYLE" page featured close up detail photo of the DIY Police hat with tiger sign brooch from H&M, spike earings, aviator sunnies and half face mask! WELL, EVERYTHING WAS WORTH FOR ME!!!

Black Hat - NIKE
Tiger Brooch - H&M
Aviator - H&M
Spike Earrings -FOREVER 21
Double Ring - FOREVER 21
Turtle Neck - Unbranded
Structured Blazer - H&M
Gold Belt - H&M
Skinny Jeans - TOPMAN



  1. faahaaad plis banget ! jangan keren2 dong!
    You are the definition of Indonesian Karl Lagerfeld ! loving the army yet chic look of yours in this picture! Let's have a quality time once I get back! we have a lot to chit chat about!

  2. sumpahhhh ini kereeeen pake banget Fahad...
    ayooo cepeeeet banyak yang minta di razia tu dijalan fahad,,,,padahal pengen fto bareng kamu ternyata,,,hahahaaa:))
    Happy December:)

    Kisses from Borneo, Indonesia...

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  3. hahhahahaaaa....halooo ranger hitam,,,situasi di Borneo aman terkendali, di Jakarta gimana, kamanakah ranger pink,ijo,biru, da kuning berada???, jyahahahaahhaaaaa...

    iyaaaa nihhh, kmaren aku nemu turtle neck, bhannya kaya velvet gitu, hasil ngubek di flea market, harga 20rebuan, hahahhaaaa...

    gak papa Fahad, thats your style!!!...aku juga kadang masih pake yang shocking2 gitu, but you know, disini fashion gak terlalu di appreciate seperti disana, sooo beruntunglah kau Fahad disana yang orang2nya sangat open akan dunia fashion,,,hihiiii...

  4. wow, gorgeous!! <3


  5. OMGGG~ this looks super cool! :))
    adore everything from head to toe <33

    cheer, michelle

  6. Nice and cool police! hahaha :3

  7. Nice aviator !


  8. Hay ka Fahad, after long time know u on ig and blog, finally i drop my comment. Aaaa selalu suka sama gaya ka Fahad, whatever ur style me likee it:))) Salam kenal dari echa ya kak.

  9. hai! :p
    iyess, nanti kalo uda gedean pasti diajak foto, diajak meetup jugak! lol!

    LOVE your blazer btw!

  10. cool jacket!

  11. awesome!!
    i love everything on this outfit

    keren as always


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