Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FEATURED: Street Style Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7 on

What can I say about this amazing shoot by Kaymori? He captured the best detail on the street of my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Day 7, which is the last closing day of JFW. I feel so honored to be featured (again) on "STREET STYLE" page on day 7. I attended five days from the seven days of fashion week and get featured fourth times in a week with 5 photos on from close up, detail outfit and full body. IT'S MAJOR!!! There's no words to describe my feeling right now! Are you curious with my whole outfit on that day? Stay on the blog, cause I will update soon!



  1. Super creative!!


  2. so cool !!

  3. This is nice thing in your blog. Its good to given an information to me about things.Thank

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