Saturday, June 28, 2014

Too Cool For School

Last week I made a little surprise birthday party for my best "silly" high school friend. Then we went out for lunch and had afternoon drink. On the table we talked a lot about our wonderful moment in high school. Lots of laugh in the middle of our conversation. Duuuuh, that moment makes me miss my high school life so freaking bad. If only I had a whenever 'magic' door like doraemon, I would love to visit my life as a teenagers when I'm wearing white and grey school uniform. I remember those days I was hoping to move my fucking ass to University. Then now, I wish I could go back to school!

Time flies goes by, I feel like I just entered the 1st semester few months ago in Uni. Time flies so fast even faster than you realize. I'm standing in the edge of the 8th semester in Uni. It means, this is the last semester of mine here. Gotta say good bye like really soon to the all my cool / stupid / fake / bitch / geek and ugly friends (WUUFF), aaaannnddd welcome to the REAL FUCKING WORLD!!! Scary? I'm not that excited, you know. Not gonna try to scare you all with that statement, just don't waste your time if you are still in high school. SE-RI-OUS-LY, high school is the best part ever in your life for God sake. Hhhmm, to recall the wonderful old times in high school I picked classic white shirt and fabric trousers then add black tie just like a high school uniform. To make it looks too cool for school, I'm covering my white shirt with denim jacket. Edgy enough? By the way, do I look more handsome with that short haircut and clean facial hair? :p

NOTE: wish me luck for my final final defense next Monday!
Thank you <3

Big Glasses - Vintage Shop
Denim Jacket - GUESS
White Shirt - POLO Club
Black Tie - ZARA
Black Belt - Unbranded
Brown Trouser - ZARA
Grey Loafers - Zweigr



  1. Kyaaa so retro! I love it to bits, much remind me of 80's school scene!

  2. I really like the button-up/tie + denim jacket combo! Very unexpected.

  3. u look stunning!


  4. This is one cool look!Really too cool for school:))

  5. So stylish and classy! Love this appearance with an attitude ;)

  6. great look!! :D

    cheer, michelle

  7. I love your denim jacket. Kewl !!

  8. CIE NEW HAIR !! <3<3
    makin good looking deh!!!!
    anyway hows your final ?

    Ruby and Rosa

  9. New hair ! I really like your new hair fo shoo !

    mind to followback my blog ?

    andrea hamdan

  10. great look!
    love ur denim jacket like much <3

  11. Too cool indeed! Greetings from Greece

  12. ur blog it's LOVELY <3

  13. super cool outfit

    mind to visit my new blog post?

  14. wuidih, klimis!!! looks so serious but u rock it dude as usual!


  15. Too cool, indeed! Love seeing you switch up your style!


  16. So Dapper! I love it!



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