Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beach is calling

We need 6 months of holiday twice a year! Good idea, right? We want to travel around the world and explore it from Asia to America. Even if I could explore another planet, then I would do it. In some occasions I just want to travel to somewhere without bring a heavy baggage, just gonna bring my backpack and bring enough stuff! So this is it my mono travelling in style for a short getaway.

From the pictures above and below, can you guess my holiday destination? Of course you realize the background. Beach is calling my name more than 3 times. My first short getaway was to Green Canyon in Java Island, Indonesia. My friend & I did a rafting there. That such an unforgetable experience in my life, strugling in a river to reach the finish line. Next the second short getaway is I will fly to Bali tomorrow morning. Ye ye ye! Let me check what's inside my bag: Tee, checked. Short, checked. Woven hat, checked. Gladiator, checked, Sunglasses, checked. I think I'm ready to go now! OH WAIT, I forgot my tanning spray :"(

Brim Hat - H&M
Cat Eyes Sunnies - FOREVER21
Tiger Printed Backpack - Jansport
Semi Transparent Tee - Unbranded
Track Pants - Unbranded
Shoes - NEW LOOK



  1. i couldn't agree more with the idea 6 months of holiday twice a year :p
    anyway you look great <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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