Friday, May 10, 2013

Zebra Zebra Zebra

 Hey gorgeous people! I would like to ask you something "Do you know a zebra? Is zebra a black horse with white stripes or a white horse with black stripes?" Ok forget it! What I want to ask here is "What if a boy like me wears an animal print tee?" In fact, animal print is not created / made just for girls. AGREE with that? I knew, plain / basic tshirt such as white / black is a timeless fashion item for everyone. Well, let give them a break from your body. And go for something new to wear. There's nothing wrong for the boys to wearing an animal print tshirt. I SWEAR! If it is not right, you can kill me :)

Animal Print Zebra tee - Unbranded
Short Denim - DIY
Black Pantofel - Dr. Martens
Post Man Bag - TOPMAN
Animal Print Zebra Sunnies - Unbranded
Animal Print Leopard Necklace - DIY
Animal Print Leopard Scarf - DIY (in bag)
Black Leather Bracelets - Undranded

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. That's a really cool pants! is that DIY? and where the heck did you get those huge safety pin! truly creative..


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