Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spike Bracelets

These night shoot helped by my lovely sister. Look at my rainbow spike bracelets (rainbow spike bracelet & green spike bracelet). Got that both cute bracelets from Bangkok. Actually, I haven't been there. I asked my friend who go on vacation to Bangkok to take some photos of cute spike goods and send the photos to my BBM (It's the new shopping online for me). She really know me so well (because she's sitting beside me in classroom) ~ HAHAHA. So when my friend back to town and give me the cute colorful bracelets, I immediately thought about my bomber jacket with colorful prints that I bought long time ago at Pasar Senen. It's match and almost perfect! My basic top & bottom such as black turtle neck tee and green neon pants are looks even greater mixed with. Added DIY purple turban for final result before taking all the photos here. Hhmm, DO YOU LIKE IT?

Purple Turban - DIY
Black Turtle Neck Tee - Unbranded
Print Bomber Jacket - Pasar Senen
Neon Green Pants - MANGO
Spike Bracelets - Fashion Mall Bangkok

see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. love your jacket.. :)

  2. loving the neon color! esp the bracelets <3

  3. this is cool !!!!!!
    i want that jacket >___<

    visit my fashion blog sometimes..
    hope we can be friend..

  4. suka jacketnya kak :)

  5. Nice bracelet and nice Jacket. I believe that your post is also cute.
    Bead Caps

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