Friday, March 1, 2013

Campus Life

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to campus life, especially for all my friends in campus. WUUUF! I'm back to daily activities as a student. I'm currently entering semester 6th. I'm studying at London School of Public Relations (LSPR), Jakarta. Among of major options in campus, I majored in Public Relations. By the way, my campus located in the downtown area in Jakarta. How wonderful it is, the people around in which I study now are very open about fashion. They are really have a great taste in fashion. Not only the students or my friends, but also the lecturers are very very fashionable. Sometimes I got new inspirations by them. Wearing something so eyecatching around LSPR is really okey! As long as you obey the dresscode rules. My Campus has a dresscode rules board for the students. Cause somehow, CAMPUS is CAMPUS! The girls with mini skirt, mini dress & another sexy clothes are not allowed get in. Same the boys with sleeveless & short pants are not allowed too. And this is me in campus!

Baller Cap - New Era
Tshirt- Unbranded
Blue Denim Jacket - Ora-ora
Blue Denim Jeans - TOPMAN
Sneakers - Vans

see yaa bye

Fahad xxx


  1. One of many stylish londoners! Loveeee!

  2. ooh, how lucky you are can have many friends who fashionable, but thats not for me, i just get some people in my campus who fashionable. huuh thats the thing i hate in my campus, just a few person who think about fashion. i think i lost my way through here

  3. i love how you have fun with you style. it shows show much u love fashion itself. I would love us to follow and support each other and am now following you

    Issie xox

  4. Love Love Love your style. It is nice to see a guy having fun with fashion and displaying some individuality :)

    Fashion Beauty Etc


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