Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leopard Fashion Magic

Hello Hello Hello! Wuuufff, we've been through more than half year in 2013. It's July already guys! In the end of this month is my birthday. YEEEAAAYY!!! I would like to thank God for every single bless He given to me until now. Anyway, I'm collecting some animal print patterned clothes. Same like stud / spike things. How I love them both laying in my wardrobe. I love animal print such as tiger, leopard, cheetah, etc.

You've seen leopard print around my neck. Can you guess what is that actually? Scarf? *I heard you say that* Hhhmm, are you sure scarf? Say it once more! Say what? SCARF? Ok, my apologies for being tricky :p I'm gonna tell you the truth now! What all around my neck is a T-S-H-I-R-T that I be transformed with fashion mantra became a scarf. Put my leopard tee on my neck, then let them fall in front like wearing a necklace or like usually wearing a real scarf. Hidden the sleeves inside and covered by my blazer. What a fashion magic! Fashion has their own magic. Have a great day ahead everyone, much love from me xxx

Brown Fedora - Tebet Junction
Brown Sunnies -  Rayban
Brown Blazer - Tailored
Leopard Scarf (Tee) - unbranded
White Transparent Tshirt - unbranded
Brown Short - DIY
Brown Socks - Unbranded
Brown Ankle Boots - Vintage

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see yaa bye

Fahad Scale


  1. oh my god!!! I LOVE this look, I've never knew that T shirt could be a scarf too! you nailed it Fahad !

  2. OMG, you're so creative. keep up the good work :)

    Drop by our blog if you have time.

  3. love that scarf :>
    check out my latest look:


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