Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FAVORITE Men Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2014


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have found a perfect formula: Sicily as an inspiration for clothes modeled on the catwalk by Sicilians themselves. The sweet authenticity of the idea has powered their last few collections for men, and when cynics in today's audience sighed, "Oh no, not again," you wanted to slap them. Or torture them by passing on Gabbana's confident declaration: "There is so much in Sicily, we could be doing this forever." Classic collection in modern era!


Amazing spring 2014 menswear collection of Givenchy is finally arrived. Givenchy's prints were based on the technology of sound dissected and reconfigured as tribal patterns. Mixed of tribalism and technology prints even stripped on jumper, short, shirt, hoodie, pants, sandals and men's legging for this season. I want the machine print blazer in the first photo :D


The year 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Moschino. The weight of history is strong behind the brand, but so is the need to keep refreshing, so Rossella Jardini and her band took their show to Shanghai, opting out of Milan fashion week. "We looked back, but it's important to look forward as well," said Bill Shapiro, Jardini's menswear lieutenant. The show included the new collection as well as a selection of looks from the Moschino archive, worn by a cast of entirely Asian models. If the land-grab aspirations of such a move are fairly blatant, well, subtlety has never been Moschino's strong suit. It's hardly news that Asia is an important market for fashion—it may quickly become the important market. And the fearlessness many Asian customers bring to their own styling, especially where menswear is concerned, make it a natural fit for Moschino's antic wackiness.


This collection is definitely so edgy! Bored to see muscle male models in the runway, Saint Laurent used tall skinny male models to show cashing their spring summer 2014 collection (oh, maybe i have a chance to wear Saint Laurent collection for the next show). Pointy shoes are the key of this show! It's timeless and back to basic fashion show caused the show is about leather, jeans, tee & even suit. Last but not least, the gangster scarf looks awesome. You guys should have one :D


No you're not seeing female models in the runway with red lipstick, all the models are male! Thom Browne has wanted to do a military collection for a while in a different way. He waited patiently while the rest of fashion flirted with the idea. Camo everywhere. Then he came across the École Militaire in Paris, which looks more like the Palace of Versailles than a military academy. Eureka! Thom got in touch with his inner Private Browne.


All models playing paint before the show started. Colorful collection of Versace! Their attainment of the body beautiful actually gave Donatella's men the unfortunate mien of Thunderbirds puppets, even as it made them perfect clothes hangers for her silky tailoring and her knitwear, which featured an intriguing update of alt-Versace: a Warholian interpretation of the portraits taken by Bert Stern of Marilyn Monroe just before she died. First the cigarettes, now this—DV is gratifyingly full of surprises.

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