Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not Winter, Just A Rainy Day

Sunday morning rain is falling. In these rainy day, I feel so warm wearing ABOCS coat by my blogger friend Catherine Soepadi. I have to say, the design is really cool! Love it! As we all know, Jakarta has no winter season, but it's OK. Maybe I should go overseas to be able to feel the real snow.

Nowadays, sport shoes spotted from gym to street to runway . Since graduated from high school, I've never purchase any sport shoes anymore. Cause, there's no sport subject in campus, and I only do sport in bed (it doesn't need sport shoes, right?) LOL ~ So then, I prefer to buy boots and loafers. Too bad that's not enough, running shoes are spotted everywhere like cray cray! Hhmm, should I have one? Well, I don't know whom people in house that owning the running shoes I wore here. No, not mine! Might be my Abah's or  my Sister's who own it. Are you into running shoes trend guys?

Black Beanie - TOPMAN
Anchor Pattern Button Down - Debenhams
Grey Coat - ABOCS
Denim Pants - TOPMAN
Running Shoes - FILA 

 see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. you look so charming!!
    Love the outer jacket it doesn't look heavy at all for a such a weather!

  2. love your outer, perfect combination <3

  3. LOL, in bed of course you don't need running shoes LOL.
    I also see a lot of people wearing running shoes and I'm the one person who wear that shoes only at gym, maybe you need to get one it's become trend already :)
    Winter maybe not come to Indonesia but this combination would be helpful when it comes rain and this look would inspiring people to get more stylist when rain comes. I fell warm already just looking that coat.

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  4. coat nya kece bangeeet! loving the monochrome look!


  5. Nice look, it's perfect for the winter and cold!!


  6. great look! I love the ring, so cool.
    Carina Hsieh


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