Monday, November 4, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014: Opening Ceremony

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 just finished a week ago. For you all who didn't come and missed the show, don't cry, don't cry baby! I'm here to share everything all about Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Let me start with Opening Ceremony of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014
I will post everything related to Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 from the first day till the last day, from fashion show to street style, from the model & designer to the fashion people, etc. So stay tune for the upcoming posts!

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Fahad Scale


  1. arrggh i envy you so much! i didn't attend any of the shows :( the opening ceremony looks great already, waiting for more updates on JFW on your blog ;)

    Pudding Monster

  2. Lucky you! I wasn't be able to attend the opening ceremony :(

  3. omg, i went to JFW as well but i sorta missed the opening ceremony krn MACET (bete) hahaha. looking forward to your next JFW post! :D


  4. Really nice! :)


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