Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mr. Rebeil in Bali

AAAAAAAAHHH! I NEED SIX MONTHS HOLIDAY, TWICE A YEAR! Sadly, my holiday almost over :( I'm not ready enough to face the reality. May I extend the holiday, please? May I? Speaking of holiday, Bali was really really really awesome as FUCK!!! I think you guys already knew how wonderful the Island of God is. Hopefully, I could stay there for a longer time or might be stay there for good in the future before living in New York as my wish. Yeah, New York is my dream city and Bali is my dream island. Anyway, thank you very very much for my friends in Bali, thank you for all the freaking treats!

Eyecat Sunnies - FOREVER21
NEW YORK Tee - No Label
Track Pants - Unbranded
Stripped Socks - Unbranded
Brown Loafers - VINTAGE
Black Ring - Traditional Market Bali
Skull Ring - Ambasador
Brown Boxy Bag - Unbranded

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


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