Monday, August 26, 2013

White Party

My skin looks ten times more tanned than before. I think Mr. Sun really love me so bad. Isn't it? Mr. Sun is my best fucking friend in Bali. After sunbathing a whole day in the beach, I moved my ass to attend "WHITE PARTY" with all my friends. WHAT A COOL PARTY! This is what I love from Bali, always full of awesome party everywhere. And yes, I can't only stopped at one club by night. Moving from one to another, from the cool party to the epic party! FUCK BALI! FUCK PARTY! FUCK YOU!

Glasses - Vintage
Button Down Anchor Print - Debenhams
White Short - LEVI'S
Brown Boxy Bag - Unbranded
Black Socks - ZARA
White Sneakers - TOPMAN

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. cool outfit!!
    check out my latest look:

  2. may I join your party next time mr.fahad? cause you look rad as hell!


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