Sunday, January 10, 2016

London Collection Men

Got a phone call in early morning directly from London to confirm my attendance to London Collection Men's FW2016. I slapped my face while hearing the spoke person of the brand talked to me on the phone. I was wondering 'is it just a dream or reality?'. The NOT ugly truth is I literally woke up when I was answered the phone call. I would love to come, buuuuuuuttt...... 'There's no but! I'll see you there Mr. Rebel in Town' *telephone off* *tut tut tut tut*

How I wish doraemon's magic door does exist, so I could attend LCM with a single step. No need to book airplane ticket and fly for hours. The Iconic red telephone box in London is a cool spot to take photos for a tourist like me. I saw oversize outer / outwear in nowadays trend, like parka or kimono with big belt. The belt is adopted from karate or judo sport. So it called karate belt or judo belt. Great to see one of my favorite London menswear designer Astrid Anderson made super stylish clothes for men. I can see myself wearing his collection. I ended creating the looks in my version with my favorite color. An oversize coat that I wore as kimono and karate belt that I stole from my brother (he's a karate athlete tho). There's no winter season here, but nothing's wrong to pretend like it's winter in this rainy season. Wearing a comfortable coat made from sweatshirt fabric, not too heavy! I just need to wear basic tee under the coat. No need to much layering!

Hat - FOREVER 21
Sunglasses - Loony Store
Tshirt - H&M\
Outer - H&M
Belt - DIY
Skinny Jeans - H&M
Brogue Shoes - H&M



  1. you look super cool with all black errthanggg <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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