Saturday, October 17, 2015

Brick Wall

Guten Morgen everybodeeeeeeh! People will have pro(s) & contra(s) opinion about a change in your life. Even a small change, it can give a big impact. Because they pay attention to yourself! I mean, those people who loves you the most would give their best support to make you happy or those who hates you would never agree with what you do, they are judging and yelling at the same time in a purpose to let you down. Well, that's a human nature!

These couple of days I choose to wear a simple yet outstanding outfit for a fun weekend gathering day with OOTD INDO Community at Iconic, Kemang. No layers, no outer, no eye catching color, only plain clothes in different colors that look works together with the brick walls as the background and then I moved to the toilet to take some photos again. LOL

I used to wear boots like everyday in my daily routine when I'm still in college. I remember that day I always wore my black boots. However, brown boots are cool tho. Really love how these brown boots from @GUTENINC that can match with almost every clothes that I have in my wardrobe. FYI: GUTENINC is Indonesia brand that selling leather goods & shoes for men and women. If you are looking for a cool and comfortable boots go buy at because I experienced wore the boots whole day and there's no pain after all. SE-RI-OUSLY!

Brim Hat - H&M
Long Sleeves Turtleneck - UNIQLO
Bracelet - @Wherebygoods
Denim Jogger - American Eagle


1 comment:

  1. OMGGG~ THE TOILET SHOTS #werk #swag lol <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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